World-Class EH&S software solution

Our World-Class EH&S software platform is a fully integrated modular solution that has a 20 year track record of successful deployment. The multi-site and multi-language capabilities make the software ideal for international deployment. If more than one of the modules is implemented, the elegant and sophisticated underlying database ensures that there is never any duplication of data-entry.

Accident and Incident

Detailed incident record keeping, classification, root cause and corrective actions.

Action Tracking

Issue, Observation, Finding, and Action tracking.


Asset register and asbestos risk assessment tool.

Audits and Checklists

Flexible question and answer software that allow you do develop your own checklists.


Chemical risk assessment and risk management tool.


Lifting ergonomics risk assessment and management system.

Fit Testing

Respiratory fit test management tool.

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance record keeping management system.


Legionella risk assessment and water management database solution.

Medical Records

Occupational medicine record keeping database.

Metrics Portal

Metrics and KPI dashboard to present management data.

MSDS / SDS Library

MSDS / SDS library for storage of all material safety datasheets.

Industrial Hygiene

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene / Occupation Hygiene database.


CoSHH, SDS, and Materials Management to support REACH compliance.

Risk / JHA / JSA

Job Risk, Job Hazard, Job Safety assessment in a single solution.


Vibration assessment and record keeping solution.

Work History

Work history records to support all aspects of Health Surveillance and Epidemiology.

Workplace Assessment

Workplace risk assessment as required by the Workplace Health Safety and Welfare guidelines.